Customizable Cases made out of leather for your new phone

In addition to having luxury products of the highest quality made by hand with leather, something that sets us apart at Cerato LLP is that you can make your own customizable case. Not only will you be protecting your phone, but you will be giving it your unique touch.

Although the Saffiano leather that we use in the elaboration of each of the phone cases in our store has a unique and unrepeatable pattern, you can add images or text that distinguish it as yours.

In this section of our store, you will find the phone case that your phone needs and, to personalize it, all you have to do is tell us when buying it what you want to add to your case by clicking on the Personalized it button.

Throughout our catalog, you will see different customizable cases of different colors and exclusive for different Smartphone models. Carefully browse through our catalog and choose the one you like the most, we have many options that will help you match your case perfectly with your outfit and style.

Why do you need a Cerato LLP Customizable Case for your phone?

All Cerato products are made with elegant and resistant leather, from our phone cases, to our wallets and clutches. All are made by the best Mexican hands and you can take them with you anywhere.

If elegance and uniqueness in your phone case are not enough reasons to buy one justify this second, there are plenty of other reasons to do it, and we’ll tell you about them justify now.

  • Elegant: The aesthetic appearance that our custom cases will give you will not be given by any other cell phone case. The soft touch, the elegant appearance and the ease that it has to match it with any outfit are incomparable. Elegant phones like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy need an equally elegant case.
  • Customizable: If you want to give it as a gift, you can engrave its name or a dedication; You can put the message at any position in the phone case that you prefer. You can even add your own custom images..
  • Unique style: Many people may have the same phone as you, but not everyone will have the custom phone case like the one you bought with Cerato LLP. Everything you want to put to make it unique you can include it before completing your purchase.
  • Adapt it to you: When you are about to buy a phone case, think about your lifestyle and adapt it to it. It not only provides protection, but it will also be a part of your day to day and the best thing is that it is coordinated.
  • Greater durability: Although the look is super important, it is vital that you have a quality product that you know will last. Well-kept leather is one of the best materials there is; even though time goes by, it won't scratch or tear easily. This will ensure that your phone is protected at all times, which will not happen with cases made of other materials.
  • Quality at the best price: Despite being an elegant and high-cost material, all our products, including our personalized cases, have one of the most accessible prices on the market. You can take advantage of our discounts on cases or free shipping on purchases over $80 dollars so you pay less.

Don't think twice and buy your customizable case for your phone with Cerato LLP; all the ones we have in this section can be defined as: elegant, resistant, and 100 percent unique. Find the one that is perfect for your phone and give it your personal touch.

How to take care of your Customizable Case?

Caring for a leather case is not very complicated, but it is important that you protect it so that it lasts longer. Prevent it from tearing and give it the proper maintenance that makes its useful life longer. These tips we will give you to do it properly:

  1. Use your fingers to rub gently when cleaning so it won't tear.
  2. Keep it away from oil, makeup or any dyed material, leather easily absorbs oil and stains.
  3. You can use a special paste to make it shiny that you can get on the internet.
  4. Always use a clean cloth and warm water sparingly.

Don't forget that the better you take care of it, the better it can take care of your phone and look great for a long time. If you have any questions about this, we invite you to contact us to tell you how to take better care of your phone case .

The customizable case are 100 percent made to your style in any way you want it, without loosing the elegant and resistant hallmark of Cerato LLP. Your phone will be protected and will look amazing, so take advantage of our free shipping promotion now on the purchase of more than $80 dollars of our products because it will not last.

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