Mobile Leather Products of the best quality in Cerato LLP

At Cerato LLP, we specialize in making the most luxurious mobile leather products on the market. Since we started in 2017, we have produced high-end accessories, aesthetically beautiful and handmade, without losing quality, functionality and protection, completely personalized.

In addition to finding in our store the phone cases, watch bands and more cases for your mobile devices, you can buy more luxury items made by hand by Mexican hands; wallets, clutch or card holders of the highest quality.

So that you get to know closely the work we do and all the products we sell at Cerato LLP, we will tell you a little about each of the items in our store. This way you will know the result of an innovative, clean and ethical work like the one we carry out in each of our products.

Mobile Leather Products

The mobile leather products are the star of our online store; Both in Mexico and the United States, they are among the most sought after, not only for their quality, but also for the luxurious look they have. The leather design of each of them is functional because it will protect your phone and your Airpods, while making you look spectacular

Phone cases

Taking care of your mobile phone is just as important as making it stylish and looking even better; Unlike plastic phone cases, those made of leather are more stylish and safer. In addition to a premium appearance, you will have in your hands a product of the best quality.

At Cerato LLP, you will find the leather phone case for your phone no matter what model it is; If you have an iPhone, we have from iPhone 7 to 12 of recent launch; as well as the most recent models of Samsung Galaxy cell phones. Protect them and give them a more luxurious view!

Phone Accesories

Like the rest of our products, our accessories for mobile devices are made with the best leather; These will be useful for you to have a better hold on your phone when you use it. Either with the Slim Thing Grip or the buttons will help you stop it on a table or that it does not slip when it is in your hand.

Watch Bands

One of the many advantages of an Apple Watch is the possibility of changing its Watch Bands so that you have a different look. It was for this reason that we included these watch bands in our catalog of leather products for mobile phones.

For its production, we use the same materials as for all our products and we use the same artisanal method to guarantee the best quality in any of the watch bands you choose.

In contrast to the common watch bands for Apple Watch, those of Cerato LLP have a buckle to be able to adjust it perfectly to your wrist, without wear. Also, the elegant look of this is incomparable.

AirPods Cases

In your day to day, your AirPods have become your companions; whether you wear them to the gym when training or wear them while driving in case you get a call. You know perfectly well that you need a case that protects its cover as it is a fragile mobile device that can be damaged by a single fall.

To make sure they are protected, we included the AirPods Cases in three great colors (light blue, black and pink) and made with leather. They are more durable and give a more elegant appearance than rubber ones.

More Leather Products

Along with the leather products for mobile phones, at Cerato LLP you will find more fashion items made with this very useful material. Card Holders, Clutch and wallets for men that will undoubtedly be the perfect gift for the man in your life.

Card Holders

With our card holders, you will be able to keep order in your bag by having only the credentials and bank cards at hand, without having to rummage around inside. Wear them with style as all the card cases in our store are made with luxurious leather in different colors.


Your huge bag will not look so good when you go to an elegant party, so better change it for one of the clutch that we have in our store. It will be the perfect accessory that helps to complement your look without overshadowing the rest of your outfit. Made of elegant leather and in Baby Blue or Rose color, choose the one you like best and ask for it, we deliver all over the world.


In order not to leave men aside, at Cerato LLP we have the most beautiful wallets made with leather, whether in soft style or with a Croco Print, they will be the perfect gift for the most special gentleman in your life. Completely temporary and luxurious that it does not matter if you wear them with a suit or a sporty look.

Enter and see for yourself all the leather products for mobile phones that we have in our store; You can personalize them exclusively for you or if you want it for a gift. The leather work made by Mexican artisans makes all the items in our store more luxurious and exclusive. Without a doubt, here you will find what you want for yourself or to surprise someone; And if you still don't know what to buy from him, the Cerato Gift Card will always be an option.