iPhone XR leather phone cases in Maroon and more colors

Every year a new iPhone comes out, the brand makes it a little bit tougher; however, that does not mean that you do not need protection. Therefore, you will need our maroon phone cases for IPhone XR or any other of the models that we have in our store.


The leather phone products we have at Cerato LLP are made with the highest quality leather that will give your phone a more luxurious appearance. However, this is not the only important thing about them, as they will provide greater protection. Without forgetting that you can customize them in the way you want when ordering from our store.

iPhone XR leather phone cases characteristics

Our phone cases for iPhone XR is designed perfectly to care for your device perfectly and add a unique style that no other accessory can give. Some of its most important characteristics are:

  • Protective design: The design of Cerato LLP phone cases protects the most sensitive parts of your phone 100 percent, without preventing it from working properly and without being too bulky to handle.
  • Elegant appearance: Made of leather, our iPhone XR phone cases give it a luxurious and unique look. A plastic phone case will never give you the style that these offer you.
  • Greater durability: The leather with which they are made is super resistant and handmade, which guarantees its quality. When combined with the plastic of the protective bumper, it makes our phone cases much more resistant.
  • Customizable: You can add your unique style when ordering yours; Whether you want to add text or images, you can decorate it any way you want. This is something that not any other iPhone XR phone case store can offer you.

You can order your maroon phone case for iPhone XR from this section of our store or you can choose any of the other colors that we have available. Likewise, you will find leather phone cases in our store that are compatible with other iPhone models, as well as other brands of Smartphones.

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