The phone case has become as important as the phone itself; the phone helps you stay connected at all times and the phone case is what keeps it protected. The fact that this accessory is functional does not restrict you from wearing it with style, because at the end of the day, when you speak from your phone, what will be seen will be the beautiful skin of your case.

At Cerato Leather Luxury Products, we fully understand this; therefore, we produce the highest quality leather products. Phone cases, card holders, watch bands, and other items that will take care of your technological products at all times without losing your style.



Smartphones are getting tougher every time; however, this does not prevent them from requiring good protection. This is one of the main reasons why you should have a Phone Case; nonetheless this is not the only reason to put one on your phone.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should have one:
  • Protection: Without a doubt, this is the most obvious of the reasons, yet it is still important that we point it out. Smartphones are one of the most expensive tech items today, so it’s important you protect your investment.
  • Style: You don't need to buy a steel tank to protect your phone from looking ugly; you can add your own style to it. If you choose the perfect color, you can combine it with your outfit; Because of this, in the Cerato LLP catalog you will find your favorite colors in real leather Phone Cases with luxurious details.
  • Utility: The phone cases Cerato LLP are made of leather of high quality and are very stylish. You can also add accessories that will allow you to hold your phone with ease without damaging the skin of your case.
If you have a brand new phone or want to change your style, a case like the ones you will find in Cerato LLP will be your best option. Not only will they provide the best protection for your phone, but they will give you the luxurious touch that only a leather accessory can give you. The best of all is that you can order yours from our page and receive it at your home, we ship to Mexico and the United States.


The Leather Phone Cases has 3 main advantages over other types of cases. They provide better protection and utility, as well as giving you an aesthetic look that any plastic cover can never offer.

For starters, leather is one of the most durable materials out there; that is why they use it a lot for other products such as shoes and handbags. Even if you use it every day, the skin of your case will not wear out as quickly as it would with any other material. The lifespan of Cerato LLP housings is longer than any other brand.

At the same time, the aesthetic appearance that leather gives you brings that unique luxury touch to your phone. This material has long been synonymous with luxurious materials and today it is no exception.

Today, there is a great range of colors you can choose for your leather products, it is no longer limited to brown or black. With us, in addition to the classic shades, you will find lavender, red, blue, white and many more. Make your phone case according to your personality; more than just being a protection accessory for your phone, it truly is part of you and your style.

Its functionality remains another of the important factors; leather is not a material that is very bulky, something that also benefits its aesthetics while still protecting your phone. You will not have a product that is too big, but it is effective and easy to handle, even if you don't have something to hold it.

With Cerato LLP you will find protection and style to protect your phone; we have Phone Cases for models like the iPhone XS, XS Max , the iPhone 11 Pro Max, or the iPhone SE; the new iPhone 12 mini to the iPhone 12 PRO Max; and the most current versions of Samsung Galaxy.


The first advice that we will give you to choose the protector for your phone is to not focus only at the price. Cheap is always expensive and if you choose something too cheap without taking into account factors such as the materials with which it is made, you will put the security of your phone at risk and you will lose the opportunity to improve your style.

The next thing you should do is do a search of your options and your budget, always read the reviews the product has, as well as the ratings that have been given. Check very well that it fits for your phone and that it is the correct model; If you are looking for an iPhone Case, check the generation very well.

Finally, choose something that is visually appealing to you; at the end of the day it is something that will be seen at all times and that you can complete with your outfit. It will serve to complement your style so choose the phone case that you think suits you best, that looks incredible and that goes perfectly with you.

Leather products will always give you that luxurious touch; That's why at Cerato LLP, in addition to accessories for your phone, you will find clutches, AirPod Cases, wallets, card holders and much more.


You can add a couple of accessories to your Cerato Leather Phone Case that contribute to your unique style and to help you have a better hold to your phone. Whether it is a PopSocket or a Slim Thing Grip, you will need these accessories to have an optimal grip every time you use your Smartphone.


The PopSockets became popular a couple of years ago; For many it was an accessory that only made a bulge on the back of the cell phone and was not really very useful. However, most of the people who commented on this never used one and just rejected them without trying them.

If you have never used one and finally decided to buy yours, you will realize how useful they are, especially to give you a better hold your cell phone. You will quickly realize the benefits of using it together with your phone case, which are:
  • First, you will be able to hold your phone more easily and it will give you more stability, even if you only occupy one hand.
  • If you place it on a surface, it will give you the correct inclination when placing your Smartphone horizontally and thus enjoy your Netflix series wherever you want.
  • Something that many don't talk about is the protection it gives the camera; By not touching the surface, it is not carved as it happens most of the time.
  • By being able to hold your phone better, you will have more security, not only that you do not drop it, but also that nobody steals or tries to take it from you.
  • Beyond just holding your phone, it will also help you release anxiety if you extend and compress it again; It will be your personal anti stress button.
As soon as you have your Cerato LLP PopSocket with your phone case you will realize how comfortable it is to use; It doesn't take up much space so it won't bother you if you wear it in your pants and, if it's in your bag, it won't get in the way in the least.


This accessory for your phone case will help you hold your phone in much the same way as a PopSocket, but giving you better style. It's less bulky, sleek and straightforward, without losing the style of your Cerato LLP leather case and a way to better hold your phone.

This innovative product provides excellent support and grip almost as firm as a PopSocket, without adding bulk or weight to your phone. We know that most of the day you have your Smartphone in your hand and that sometimes it will be uncomfortable or tired; so that it does not disturb you, this accessory will help you to hold it.

The main characteristics of this accessory are:
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Easy positioning.
  • Slim profile.
  • It does not bulge your bag.
  • Made with quality leather.
Also, when stretched out, it will easily hold in much the same way as your PopSocket, only without the button that gives it more volume. You just have to adhere it to your phone case on the side that is most comfortable for you and it will be fixed. In our accessories section, you will find all the colors that you like the most.

The phone cases Cerato LLP are made of the finest materials and look great, as we have several different designs and colors will fascinate you. Order yours from this page and find many luxurious products that in addition to protecting your devices, they’ll help you look incredible at all times.

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