Leather Phone-Case for iPhone X/XS - Nude


This beautiful nude phone case exclusively made out of Saffiano leather for your iPhone X or XS is so elegant and luxurious, perfect for your style. Because it is authentic Saffiano leather, every case has a different pattern of lines that will make your phone case a unique piece that you can customize as you wish. 

This phone case provides a safe protection while not being bulky, featuring a rubber protection bumper and a hard shell that emits any shock. This makes this leather product not only elegant and beautiful but also completely functional when it comes to guard your phone from a drop.

The leather nude phone case can be customized in any way you can imagine; you can choose from our different styles among "Foil" or "Paint brush and add them colors and text to make it more personalized to you. A service that you can only get at Cerato Luxury Leather Products.

This Nude Phone Case is compatible with:

  • iPhone X
  • iPhone XS

CERATO - Luxury Leather Products


To keep it clean we recommend you to use a clean damp cloth in order to keep it away from any product that may damage your item, but don't exceed the rubbing. Beside the nude phone case for iPhone X/XS you’ll find more colors and models of Phone Cases in our store and for different devices.

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