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Protecting your AirPods is very important and for this you will need this Baby Blue AirPods Case made of an authentic Saffiano style leather cover. In addition to being the ideal accessory to take maximum care of it, it is a luxury item that you can only find at Cerato LLP that will give you a unique style.

One of the main advantages that we offer you at Cerato LLP is the possibility of customizing any of the cases you buy with us, either for your Smartphone or for your AirPods. When making your purchase, in the PERSONALIZE IT option you can add images, colors or text so that you can do it more according to your style.

Without a doubt, the Baby Blue AirPods Case is an accessory that perfectly combines functionality, style and luxury, an ingredient that only in Cerato LLP can we add. It is made with genuine leather and manufactured entirely by hand. It is compatible with the first and second generation of AirPods; We will launch our exclusive line for AirPods Pro soon. Wait for it!

A then you talk about the advantages of having a case for your AirPods like this in Baby Blue. These headphones are not like any other with cables and can be more sensitive and it is important that you take care of them, they are not cheap and can be damaged by a simple drop.


The importance of an AirPods Case

Practically, the moment you get your AirPods, you will need a cover that protects them to the maximum. The charging case on your headphones looks beautiful on its own, but it won't protect your headphones much, and if it gets damaged, you won't be able to charge them. For this reason, you must take care of them as much as possible and thus they last for a long time since we have bad news for you: they cannot be repaired!

They can be superficially damaged and will no longer look as good as when you bought them; they can be dropped and damaged; the lid can be detached; or they can get wet and be completely useless. There are many things that can happen; Therefore, you should take care of them to the maximum and what better way to do it than with an AirPods Case in Baby Blue.

Why you need this Baby Blue AirPods Case?

As we mentioned, AirPods are a device that you must protect and keep them in a case. This, in addition to avoiding blows, will prevent them from getting lost because it has a hook that you can hang inside your bag or even on your keychain, so you will never lose sight of them. In this way, it can also become an accessory to match your phone case.

Some of the things that will protect you are:
  • Bumps and scratches:
Let's say you like to bring your AirPods in your bag or in your backpack; There you will not lose them and they will be completely safe from falls. However, in your bag you carry more things like your cosmetics, pens and all your other accessories and these can hit and damage the charging case of your headphones.

With the movement of walking or driving, everything inside your bag will be from top to bottom. This is how the white, bright and beautiful color of your AirPods will disappear in a short time and you will start to have scratches and bumps. Without forgetting that they will also be filled with dust that could affect them in the future.

By constantly taking hits, your inner workings can start to fail to the point that you no longer charge. Your AirPods will be useless in the end and with a very deplorable aesthetic. Therefore, using a Baby Blue AirPods Case is a good option to take care of them and maintain the style at all times.
  • Falls without protection:
All of us at some point have thrown away our phone and most of us have made it a habit to have it with a case that protects it, although we will no longer be able to enjoy the beautiful design that the different iPhone or Samsung Galaxy models have. Thanks to this, your Smartphone has no studs, it works perfectly for you and you may not have had to change it recently.

The same goes for AirPods; They need a case to take care of them in case of accidental falls that damages them. The top of your case load your AirPods could not properly reclosed or could even fall.

Although the case looks beautiful without a cover, it requires extra protection as it may not work as before after touching the ground; But with a case like the ones from Cerato LLP, you will gain style and a luxurious touch.

An AirPods Case will receive the impact in case you drop it and thus guarantee the integrity of your device. Above all, one made with a material as resistant as leather like the ones we have at Cerato LLP.
  • Water damage:
Whether from rain, spilled liquid or in case it gets mixed up with your sweaty gym clothes, humidity can internally damage your AirPods Accidents happen and many times you can't avoid them, but with a Baby Blue AirPods Case like this the probability that water enters them will be less.

The probability that the damage will be irreversible with a fall or a blow is much lower than if they get wet. When they come into contact with water or any other liquid, the damage will be immediate and not even putting them in rice will repair them. Now you will have to spend on some new AirPods, instead of just investing a couple of dollars in their protection.

Remember that the case that protects the hearing aids is also where the battery is recharged, so the least electrical damage caused by water will affect them immediately. A leather case like the ones from Cerato LLP will prevent any liquid or trace of moisture from entering them.
  • Losses
Losing AirPods is more common than you think; It is not a very bulky device and you can forget it in many places. In addition, carrying them in your hand at all times will be the most uncomfortable and practically impossible. You can always carry them in your bag, but being there most of the day they can be damaged by continuous movement.

For this reason, at Cerato LLP we take this into account and adapt a hook to the back of the case so that you can hold it wherever you want. Carrying it as a keychain is an option or you can hang it from the inside of your bag. In this way, you will know at all times where your AirPods are without worrying about losing them.

The metal hook is chained to the leather case so that it does not come off easily. Unlike many models that have this same hook on one side, this one has it on the back so as not to affect its beautiful elegant design.
  • In AirPods there are no repairs
If you didn't know, Apple doesn't offer repairs and rarely replacements on items like AirPods, as they are very difficult to fix. If you are lucky, you will get them to give you new set of AirPods in case they have a defect (which almost never happens), but if it is a foreign damage they will never replace them.

Experts in technology repair of this brand assure that it is so difficult to repair them because of the way they are built. Ginning them to repair their parts is an impossible task as they are attached to the outer plastic and could only be achieved if it is broken from the outside.

In case they are damaged, there is no one who can repair them; your only option is to buy new ones or go back to your old wired headphones, you do find the adapter for your iPhone. Therefore, protect them as much as possible with a Baby Blue AirPods Case like the one we have at Cerato. Resistance and elegance in a protective case that no other will give you.

Why leather is the best material for an AirPods Case?

As you know, Cerato LLP we specialize in the elaboration of cases for phones and AirPods, as well as other accessories Watch Bands for Apple Watch, clutches and other items for your Smartphone completely made of leather. Therefore, we are experts in this material and we know the benefits of having articles made with it.

Our two main reasons for using leather are: elegance and functionality. On the one hand, it is a thick material that will protect your devices as much as possible and, on the other, it will give it the elegant touch that only Saffiano style leather can give. Instead of covering up the beautiful design of your phone or AirPods, you are giving it an extra luxurious touch with leather.

To make an item like the Baby Blue AirPods Case, we carefully select the leather to be worked with. Later, the most skilled hands in Mexico work the leather in a traditional way to make it. In this way, we offer you an article of the highest quality at an incomparable price that you can also customize to your liking.

We continue this same work with the rest of our AirPods Cases that are in our store in Light Rose and Dark color. So, if this case in Baby Blue does not convince you to the maximum, you can review the rest of our models and choose the color that you prefer to combine or that goes more according to your personality.

In addition, compared to plastic or other materials, leather cases do not slip easily and are more resistant. It is a guaranteed quality product, you will have durable protection for your device, but with an elegant and luxurious touch that leather provides.

Something that also makes leather an excellent choice as a material for an AirPods case is how easy it is to take care of it. Cleaning this item is very simple, you don't need more than a wet and a dry cloth; use the first for a quick wipe and the second to dry completely.

Do not forget that AirPods are not like any other pair of headphones and they need the best possible protection so that they last you for a long time and you do not have to change them unless you want the newest version. The leather will give you the security that they will be protected from any blow and show off

Customizable leather AirPods Case

The AirPods Cerato Case LLP, to equal our phone cases and many of the products from our online store, are completely customizable. A service that you will not get in other Smartphone accessories stores. All you have to do is indicate the letters you want them to have or if you want to add a logo.

You can add your initials in colors that match the Baby Blue color of your AirPods Case and comment on how you expect the final product to look. You will make them completely yours and coordinate them with your phone case, your bag or whatever you want.

We offer the option of adding a logo for your AirPods in case you have a personal seal that helps to identify all your things or if you have a company and you want to carry your image with you at all times. Elegance and personality, Cerato cases for AirPods are your best option and you can get them with just one click.

Now you know all the advantages of an AirPods Case and why you should buy this one at Baby Blue. It will provide you protection at all times, without losing style, as you will be buying an elegant and luxurious accessory. With this article, you do not sacrifice the technological design of your AirPods, on the contrary, you elevate their image in the best way.

Remember that this article is only compatible with first and second generation AirPods, our line of cases for AirPods Pro is still in preparation; but, as soon as it is ready, you can get it with us.

Your AirPods will have more style with your Baby Blue AirPods Case by Cerato LLP made entirely of the highest quality leather. It is resistant and will provide the protection you are looking for your device without losing the luxurious touch. Buy yours right now from this page.

The AirPods Case in Baby Blue are compatible with:

  • AirPods I
  • AirPods II (With Wireless Charging Case)

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The Airpods Case in Baby Blue made with Saffino leather are available to buy exclusively at Cerato LLP. All of our products are made with the finest materials that makes them functional, protective and luxurious. If you want to buy a different AirPods Case, visit our online store.

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